221 reasons to apply for a MaineCF grant

221 reasons to apply for a MaineCF grant

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audience: Maine Community Foundation | last updated: 18 January 2017

What Can Our Grants
Do for Your Community?

Mark your calendar! The February 15 deadline is approaching for Maine Community Foundation’s largest grantmaking program. Our Community Building Grant Program supports organizations and programs throughout the state that build on community strengths and assets.

Last February we received about $3.3 million in requests from 417 applications.The program awarded 164 grants that totaled $1,051,315. Donor-advised funds awarded 57 additional grants totaling $263,988.

Two grant-supported projects in Androscoggin and Waldo counties show how creativity and commitment can create unique teaching opportunities.

elmer whiting

Watch the video: Elmer Whiting, whose family operated Whiting Farm for decades, sold his farm to nonprofit John F. Murphy Homes Inc. Our short video tells his story and how the farm's abandoned greenhouses are once again serving the community. Photo Thalassa Raasch

When John F. Murphy Homes Inc. received a $10,000 grant from the Androscoggin County Fund for a greenhouse project at Whiting Farm in Auburn, it turned to high school teacher-turned-farmer Kim Finnerty to create a showcase for sustainable growing methods.

The greenhouse classroom has welcomed students young and old as they discover the many ways that plants take root – from aeroponics to vertical to square-foot gardening. For Finnerty, it’s only one step toward showing a new generation why agriculture matters in Maine.  

And for Elmer Whiting, who worked the land for decades, it provides hope that his family’s farm will continue not as a field of abandoned greenhouses, but as acres of green for years to come.

belfast sea creatures

Watch our short video to see more of the Waldo County Children's Mural Project.
Photo Thalassa Raasch

In Belfast, the Waldo County Children’s Mural Project took public art to a new height – a 100- by 20-foot wall of fantastic sea creatures. Artists David Hurley and Russell Kahn solicited ideas for the illustrations from every elementary school-aged child in Waldo County.

Today the mural is a permanent tribute to young imaginations. A $4,000 grant from an anonymous donor through our Waldo County Fund allowed the 21 competition winners, paired with adult artists, to paint amazing creatures you’ll find only in Midcoast Maine.

For more information about community-building grants, please visit www.mainecf.org.

Maine Community Foundation, 245 Main Street, Ellsworth ME 04605 | (877) 700-6800 www.mainecf.org | www.facebook/mainecf | info@mainecf.org

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