A Grassroots Grant Program to Grow Communities

A Grassroots Grant Program to Grow Communities

Group News posted in on 26 January 2018| comments
audience: Maine Community Foundation | last updated: 26 January 2018

Mark your calendar! The February 15 deadline is approaching for Maine Community Foundation's largest grantmaking program. The Community Building Grant Programsupports organizations and programs throughout the state that invest in people, maximize assets, and engage community.

Last February we received more than $4 million in requests from 501 applications. The program awarded 170 grants last spring that totaled $1,093,805.

Here are a few of the grants awarded last year:

The York County Committee, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017, awarded a grant to the Community Bicycle Center in Biddeford to align its work with school standards and improve the center’s impact. Read about the experiences of one CBC regular, 11-year-old Achayo Katanga, in our special MaineCF@35 series of interviews.

Among the Aroostook County Fund’s 2017 grants was one to the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum in Littleton to create an exhibit that highlights the Micmac Tribe's contributions to potato harvesting in The County. Those contributions include what may be the world's largest potato basket, created by master basket maker Richard Silliboy.

The Knox County Committee will mark its 20th anniversary of grantmaking this year. One of its 2017 grants went to the Hurricane Island Foundation to connect the past to the present through preservation of historic and cultural assets.

 For more information about community-building grants, please visit www.mainecf.org.

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